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Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Treatment protocol will be assigned by staff physicians after the patient has submitted all requested medical information and received approval. A patient’s recommended protocol may differ from the example given below.

  • Treatment duration: 4 weeks

  • Physical examination, blood testing and bone marrow collection

  • 8 intrathecal (spinal canal) injections of expanded umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells

  • 4 intravenous injections (IV) expanded umbilical cord tissue-derived stem cells

  • 2 intrathecal (lumbar puncture) injections of bone marrow-derived stem cells

  • 2 intravenous injections (IV) bone marrow-derived stem cells (upon availability after IT injections)

  • 16 physical therapy sessions throughout stay

  • Stem-kine supplement for 1 month (only after medical evaluation in Panama)

*Includes Hilton hotel room with breakfast, WIFI, transportation from and to the airport with VIP airport gate service and expedited customs clearance upon arrival, and transportation between the Hilton and Stem Cell Institute.

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