Are stem cell procedures approved by the FDA?

The FDA has been examining practices in this field as it continues to evolve. There are stem cell therapies that are considered “approved” for clinical use in the USA. Stem Cell Therapy may be considered a medical procedure in some circumstances and for other scenarios it has a different classification.

Many Stem Cell and Blood Platelet Procedures performed in the U.S. today are same-day procedures that are compliant with CFR 21 Part 1271 and fall under the same surgery exemption discussed in 1271.15 (b).

Can the procedure be done in a single appointment?

Many stem cell procedures performed throughout the U.S. are same-day procedures. This means that the patient’s cells are harvested in the morning, isolated and processed, then re-injected into the patient’s injured area – all within a few hours. This makes the procedure compliant with CFR 21 Part 1271, falling under the same surgery exemption discussed in 1271.15 (b).

Other procedures involve harvesting the cells on the patient’s first visit, growing them to larger numbers over approximately two weeks, testing the cells, then re-injecting the cells during the patient’s second visit. There is also the procedure where an expecting mother provides consent,  so that stem cells are donated following a healthy, live birth. However, such treatments and the sources of these stem cells are not readily available in the US. Indeed, there are established clinics overseas that provide these methods.

Is stem cell therapy the same as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

No. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is concentrating platelets in the blood, not stem cell therapy. While PRP is at times a component of stem cell therapy, they are different treatments.

A (PRP) Procedure is a platelet procedure that is commonly available using bedside centrifuges.

I can’t afford the treatment I need.  What do I do?

There are many options:  Have you considered traveling to Costa Rica or Panama?  There are many established, English speaking clinics that offer procedures that cost fractions of what you would pay in the United States. Have you seen the financing options for healthcare?

Is financing available?

There are companies that specialize in personal loans specifically for medical procedures.  The following list is not meant to be complete:

How can I save on medications?

The procedures we have listed on our site can reduce medication costs for certain procedures in as little as one visit.  We continue to focus on adding patient-centric insights and scientific evidence as well as information regarding life-changing procedures that reduce medication dependency and enhance health.  Sign up for free to stay informed of breaking news.

How can I know that the clinic is right for me?

Each clinic is vetted and has accreditation to confirm its quality and competence. You can see patients’ comments and reviews to learn more about their experience with the clinics. There are several questions you should ask directly to the medical practitioners at the clinic that would see you. Here are questions that you may wish to ask of the medical team before your appointment:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   –Is the physician board certified?                                                                                                                                                     -How long has the physician been treating patients and what is the success rate?                                                             -Is the procedure done in an outpatient surgery center and is anesthesia used?                                                                 -What is the source of the stem cells?                                                                                                                                             -What type of equipment does the physician use to administer stem cell injections?     

Why would I travel to a clinic overseas?

The quality of these clinics may be equal to the quality of clinics in the US. The procedures are more affordable than the cost of the same procedures in the US. While stem cell therapy is available in the US for arthritis and neuropathy, many patients have received safe, effective treatment overseas that is not available yet in the US for other medical conditions.

Will Medicare/Medicaid pay for these procedures?

It would be the patient that can confirm if their Schedule  B will cover procedure costs. We have seen cases where Medicare will pay for a portion of the therapy within and outside the US.

How can I afford to travel and pay for procedures overseas?

Travel expenses and the cost of a procedure at these high quality clinics is often much less than the cost of the procedure alone in the US.

Are these destinations safe?

We have posted clinics and destinations that are trusted by US citizens who have visited or even relocated to the destinations listed.