Stem Cell Research

Stem cells are the primary building blocks of all cellular tissue within your body. Learn more through this video.

Here you see how stem cell therapy can be used in the future to treat chronic illnesses.

why Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy (Cell regenerative therapy) is one of the most advanced medical treatments whose accepted use is growing around the globe.  Consequently, this therapy is often better than traditional surgery because it is more affordable, less invasive, there are reduced complications, and there is little or no need for medications.

Misconceptions about Stem Cell Therapy

However, there is a misconception about stem cell therapy. Cell regenerative therapy uses a person’s own healthy cells, not embryonic cells, to treat unhealthy cells or damaged tissue. Moreover, the latest techniques show impressive results for patients using autologous ( one’s own stem cells).   

Stem Cell Therapy Availability

One problem is that stem cell therapy treatments are not widely available in the US as few therapies have received regulatory approval. Healthcare providers have a difficult path to obtain approval to deliver this treatment. Gradually we have found some excellent, affordable options overseas. Contrary to popular belief, the quality of overseas options can match or exceed current capabilities in the US.

Patient Outcomes from Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is showing more positive results in patients without the need for a lifetime of medications. In fact, soon it will no longer be necessary for Americans to delay effective treatment. Furthermore, the out of pocket expense for this treatment overseas might be a better option for some patients instead of medications. Find out more from patients’ comments and reviews on our Facebook page as well as our website.

MedAdvisor is committed to providing better information to the community on clinics inside and outside the US that are leading innovators in stem cell therapy and other high quality treatments.  We are confident that our efforts will lead to better health outcomes, well-informed patients, and more affordable healthcare.

Employers and their employees can spend less money on healthcare and get better results. Watch our “for employers” video to learn more.

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Nobel Prize winners in 2012 include scientists who were pioneers in stem cell therapy.  Watch to learn early developments in stem cell research.

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