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University Orthopedics includes more than 25 board-certified orthopedic surgeons who are fellowship-trained, the highest level of medical training in the U.S. University Orthopedics was voted #1 for Physical Therapy by the Providence Journal’s Reader’s Choice Awards. Their locations provide each patient a thorough assessment of his or her impairment and the physical therapist will plan a treatment regimen best suited to the individual problem.

Indeed, The Center for Spine Health at University Orthopedics includes a team of physicians, nurse practitioners and physical therapists working together to provide comprehensive treatment of spinal disorders in adults and children. The division of pediatric orthopedics at University Orthopedics consists of three fellowship-trained surgeons who are committed to the care of the children of Southern New England. Fellowships represent the highest level of medical education in the world. Within the specialization of orthopedics, new physicians now pursue fellowships in the subspecialty niches of hand surgery, or spine surgery, or sports medicine, or joint replacement.

Moreover, they serve as team physicians for many professional, collegiate, and high school athletic teams in the area. High school teams served include the communities of Barrington, Rogers, Portsmouth, Middletown, Portsmouth Abbey, and St. George’s. In addition to having MRI, X-Ray, and various other diagnostic methods, they now offer Spine Navigation and 3D Imaging at University Orthopedics in Rhode Island.

Many of their doctors are also involved in advanced research that is shaping the future of orthopedic medicine. Their many research studies and clinical breakthroughs have helped to improve the level of orthopedic care throughout the world. In an effort to continue our commitment to providing the highest quality care, University Orthopedics now offers EOS , a low dose, 2D/3D imaging system dedicated to adult and pediatric patients with musculoskeletal pathologies. 

Their specialists use advanced surgical instrumentation to correct the injury, enables the patient to go home the same day to the comfort of their home. Every medical specialty has become sub-specialized with super specialists that have the most advanced expertise in their particular niche. University Orthopedics directs many clinical research efforts intended to innovate new orthopedic surgery techniques; new surgical implant devices that improve the success of various procedures; and new ways to prevent orthopedic injury. University Orthopedics believe that just as they benefited from the educational training they received early on in their careers, they should return the expertise they gain through private practice by educating those coming out of medical schools who in turn take their expertise into the community. Because of this super specialization in orthopedics, University Orthopedics is organized into CLINICAL CARE CENTERS which provides patients across Rhode Island, Providence County, Kent County, Washington County, Bristol County, and Newport County.

Besides, the most specialized care related to their orthopedic injury or pain symptom. In an effort to continue their commitment to providing the highest quality care, University Orthopedics now offers EOS , a low dose, 2D/3D imaging system dedicated to adult and pediatric patients with musculoskeletal pathologies. The EOS system provides low dose, full body, images of patients in a weight-bearing, functional position. It is a bi-planar device that is based on two perpendicular X-ray beams that travel vertically while scanning the patient from head to toe. In a few seconds, the EOS exam produces two simultaneous frontal and lateral, low-dose images of the patient s entire body without magnification or stitching.

Furthermore, The Center for Spine Health at University Orthopedics is the only spine center in the State of Rhode Island to be included in a national listing of spine centers of excellence by To be included, a spine center must meet various credentialing criteria, including: a multi-disciplinary team of non-surgical spine specialists working with fellowship-trained spine surgeons and spine therapists; a non-surgical emphasis and philosophy of care; advanced capabilities in minimally invasive spine surgery and artificial disc replacement for motion preservation; and an investment in patient education. This includes providing a symptom guide and a Home Remedy Book as a community service for back and neck pain sufferers across Rhode Island. The internal team of physical medicine and pain management specialists provide spinal injections and other non-surgical treatment options for patients of the spine center.

PBN interviews Dr. Julia Katarincic, a University Orthopedics surgeon, who specializes in the care of the hands and microvascular surgery for children and adults, with particular expertise in pediatric upper extremity problems. University Orthopedics hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday to celebrate the opening of its most recent location at 1 Kettle Point Avenue in East Providence, RI. The 90,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art medical offices and surgery center offers the latest in orthopedic treatments. For children who require frequent X-rays, less is more. That is the reason University Orthopedics has invested in an ultra-low dose imaging machine, known as EOS. Zachary Durant, 9, of Carver, Massachusetts, was the first to benefit from it.

Watch the NBC Turn To 10 news coverage of Dr. James O. Maher III, an orthopedic surgeon, who has been elected as the new president of the medical staff at Newport Hospital. He will serve a two-year term as president beginning Monday, Jan. 1.

Patient Testimonials

“I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Mark Palumbo. I injured my back at work, had some disc issues with horrible pain to the point I could barely walk. When other doctors said I would not ever be able to work my very physical job again, Dr. Palumbo proved them wrong. I have been back to work for over a year now.”

“I broke my left humerus in September 2013, I saw Dr. Got and he operated on me in October, it was a smooth recovery for me with the great team he had. I was back to work and back in the gym in four months. I would recommend anyone who experiences any bone break to go see Dr. Got.”

“Dr. Bliss is awesome. I’m so grateful to have a doctor who cares about me. He listens and is genuinely concerned about my injury. The facility is well kept and staff is wonderful. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

“Amazing doctors, physical therapists, and facilities. The doctors are all very well educated and their staff are friendly as well. They also do a very good job of matching their patients to the physical therapists both in specialty and personality.”

The new state-of art Kettle Point location now has its very own surgery center located on the second floor. For Appointments: Call 401-443-4231 

They have made it easier to schedule appointments, click the button to fill out an online appointment request form or call our new central scheduling line 401-457-1500 to schedule an appointment.

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