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CORE provides the best orthopedic care possible in Sioux Falls and the surrounding region. For certain types of shoulder injuries, this new procedure that could provide relief with less pain and recovery time than traditional rotator cuff surgery. Their specialists are trained in advanced surgical techniques including the use of robotics to make knee replacement surgery more precise than ever before. This advanced procedure requires a smaller incision at the front of the hip, resulting in less muscle and tendon damage and faster healing time. Stem cell therapy is an advanced treatment option that triggers the body to heal itself by regenerating bone and soft tissue. Now available. When you need orthopedic care, they make it convenient by coming to you. They serve patients in South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, with more locations being added.

Indeed, most athletes would choose between taping and bracing as a way of life. Many injuries require assistance beyond physical rehab and recovery in order for you to return to your previous competitive level. Using athletic tape or a brace can help It finally feels like spring! And that means more outdoor activities. Whether its hitting the trails to bike or run, catching some swings on the golf course, or starting up with baseball or soccer, most athletes will endure some type of injury. Nothing literally takes the spring out of your step quite like an ACL injury. Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a ligament in your knee that supports all kinds of movements. Biking, walking, running, playing soccer, and skiing can become possible again. 

Get back to your best hike, your best game, your best adventure and your best day. Visit their expert team, and get back to your best self. Let them help you get back to YOUR best!



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