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Dr. Jeffrey Riopelle is well-rounded in joint repair, preventive medicine, anti-aging, and cosmetic surgery, which provides him the optimal efficiency when treating a variety of patients. What really makes this practice unique is that they combine non-invasive surgery and expertise in anti-aging all in one very soothing practice.

Optimal performance derives from a healthy person, and health is whats important to them. They prefer to work on the whole individual because being healthy inside means to be healthy on the outside, and well be able to slow down the lifelong battle with aging. They go the extra mile for patients by describing procedural details, outlining the risks, and answering all question, so our patients can feel happy about these great results. They are extremely well-equipped to help you rehabilitate your sports injuries, stop them from returning, and prevent those types of injuries from occurring in the first place.

Indeed, Regenerative Medicine and non-invasive joint repair can improve the quality of life or our patients, while reducing hospital and healthcare costs. As the biggest joint in the body, knee injuries can happen unexpectedly, and it should be no surprise to learn that knee injuries are among the most common next to back injuries. Hip injuries can be devastating. In fact, some people almost never recover. Hip arthritis seems to be the most detrimental to people’s health. Ankle and foot injuries are known very well by athletes, but they are not the only people who suffer from ankle or foot injuries. Three bones work together to allow your shoulder to be the most movable joint in the body. That is why shoulder injuries can have such a major impact on peoples lives.

The hand consists of 27 bones and the wrist has eight bones that seem to be in constant motion throughout the day, which makes injuries to the hand or wrist fairly easy to acquire.

Elbow pain is common when the joint is overused, but most problems occur when any of the structures are injured. Tendonitis is the most common cause of elbow pain.

Peripheral Vascular Disease (also called Peripheral Artery Disease) is a condition of the circulatory system that causes the blood vessels to narrow and reduce blood flow to limbs.

Two years ago Seana Hogan thought she was finished with bicycle racing as she had developed arthritis in her knee due to a severe knee injury years before. She then underwent a procedure by Dr and Donna Riopelle in which they placed stem cells derived from her own fat into her knee joint. The stem cells regenerate new cartilage allowing the joint to return to normal function over a period of about a year. One and a half years later, she not only completed the 2500 mile Race Across America Bicycle Race, but won it, setting a new women’s world record for the female over 50 category.

According to Seana, anyone who has pain and swelling from Arthritis in most any joint should consider looking into this exciting procedure. It’s like a miracle.


Bay Area Stem Cell Therapy

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