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Genesis Medical Centers aims to provide the best quality of care with the most effective modality of treatment for our clients. Whether they are performing stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, laser hair removal, or some other procedure, their caring team is committed to providing the Laguna Hills area with safe and effective medical and cosmetic procedures. Their guiding motivation is to treat you like they would treat their own family. All of their physicians are board certified in their respective specialties. Their practitioners exemplify excellence in their bedside manner and are passionate about providing the absolute best care possible.

Indeed, most of their regenerative medicine injections like PRP injections and stem cell treatments are performed either in joints, soft tissue, or for cosmetic improvements. This means you get to leave the Genesis Medical Center the same day you arrived.

Initial studies are showing stem cell therapies to have substantial promise in healing injuries while reducing pain. For example, several professional sports leagues have approved of PRP therapy for their athletes. The physicians at Genesis will work with you to determine the best diagnosis and treatment for your individual injury.



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