Would you like good news about Covid-19?

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Treatments for COVID-19 will arrive before vaccines. The body’s immune system creates antibodies to defend itself. Researchers are developing monoclonal antibodies to block infection and treat illness. The goal is for these antibodies to defeat the spike protein which impacts the virus growth in patients. The virus cannot spread if this protein can be overcome inside the human body.

Scientists are working to bring us economic saliva tests to determine whether or not anyone has the virus. These tests could be like home pregnancy kits. Who would not want an affordable, convenient kit that can be used daily with test results within minutes? This milestone would help everyone measure risk and behave accordingly for the sake of themselves and others.

Many more businesses and public spaces require people to wear masks. Indeed, the science is clear and this practice has been a positive factor in many countries to limit the virus spread.

Scientists and more organizations now recognize that the virus can be distributed in the air. In fact, we have seen cases where people indoors in specific places have a higher risk of catching the virus.

Exposure and the creation of antibodies to the virus may help some people. T cells play an important role in protecting the body from the virus.

As of this writing, more than 180 candidate vaccines are striving to deliver a global solution. We have seen lately a handful of these candidates advance in their clinical trials and more clinical data is forthcoming within weeks. It seems that everyone with an affinity / expertise with respect to medicine and/or biological science has concentrated their efforts to resolve this pandemic.

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