Why Supartz viscosupplementation?

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Regenerative Joint Clinics aims to provide conservative options for treating knee pain. They begin with Supartz, a viscosupplementation, as the base of their treatments because it is shown to be incredibly effective in slowing the progression of knee pain. They pair the viscosupplementation with PT, knee bracing, and PRP. When these are all combined together, it provides a stronger treatment effect for the knee. 

Supartz creates a favorable environment for your knee and slows progression of OA. The PT strengthens the muscles around your knee to reduce buckling and reduce strain on the knee. The knee brace opens up your knee joint in order to realign your joint and increase joint spacing while also providing support for your knee. The PRP acts as a regenerative aspect of treatment in which it promotes healing in your joint.

The clinicians use fluoroscopy to view the joint in real time and enhance accuracy so the treatment will reach the precise location where healing is needed, bringing a better health outcome for patients.

Everyone’s knee is unique so the staff will take a multifaceted approach to not only help your knee feel better without pain medication, but also promote a healthier knee.

Medicare and most insurance carriers cover this treatment. Request an appointment at the following email address:



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