UAW strikes over Healthcare and other factors

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Wages, health care, and job security are key topics of these negotiations. The union is also demanding GM reopen empty factories and close the pay gap between new employees and veteran employees.

UAW members express that GM practices are unfair to workers. Permanent workers and temporary workers do not receive the same compensation although their output and productivity may be similar.

GM will pay about $15 an hour to temporary employees, while they pay full-time line workers about $17 an hour plus other benefits.

UAW persuaded manufacturing workers by highlighting the company’s broad use of temp employees.

Dennis Laubernds, a temporary worker at GM’s assembly plant in Orion Township, Mich., has been a temporary worker since 2013. He hasn’t received an offer for a full-time job that would provide health-care benefits, retirement savings, and profit-sharing checks. “It’s not really fair,” he said.

UAW and GM management would like to agree to a new four-year deal for 46,000 full-time workers at GM’s U.S. factories. Such an agreement could later become a precedent for discussions with Ford and Fiat Chrysler.

The UAW leadership is concerned with this issue due to union negotiations. They must deliver a labor agreement to UAW members and achieve a majority vote.

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