Stem cells from blood?

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Scientists in Belfast have created a new method whereby they apply a small blood sample to produce large quantities of stem cells quickly. They found out that damaged cells within the blood can be created and replaced by these stem cells. Patients can avoid problems with their blood vessels with this treatment. Patients can overcome the trauma/challenge related with kidney disease, heart attacks, blindness, and amputations for those individuals with diabetes.

Dr. Andriana Margariti, the study lead from the Queen’s University Belfast indicated, “Being able to produce large quantities of stem cells from a few milliliters of blood in a short timeframe is truly ground-breaking. This could revolutionize how we treat a vast number of blood vessel diseases.”

“Previously, this cell transformation process would have involved a skin biopsy, or large volumes of blood, which simply isn’t viable for many patients as it is a risky process which can take a long recovery time.”

“This study focused on stem cells for vascular diseases but the same process can be used to produce stem cells for a number of organs, including the brain and kidneys, which has huge implications for the future of healthcare.”

Endothelial Specific Molecule 1 (ESM1) directs the creation and operation of newly-generating endothelial cells. We can anticipate that the volunteer activation of this gene can help tremendously with different vascular diseases. 

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