Stem Cells Could Help with COVID-19 Vaccine

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Too many patients suffer from a cytokine storm during treatment for COVID-19 and cannot recover. Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles are researching how to build an adaptive immune response. Indeed, it is a crucial variable for creating an effective vaccine. They are developing type 1 dendritic cells from stem cells. The research team takes stem cells from healthy donors and combines them with COVID-19 antigens. They produce immune cells from these and do an analysis to determine the immune response to the virus. They want to understand how the body reacts or does not react to overcome the virus.  We have seen how regenerative medicine can treat patients with COPD and autoimmune conditions.

In fact, there are several vaccine candidates using a variety of platforms to develop a winner. However, the world will probably require more than one successful vaccine to beat the pandemic. As of today, there are dozens of clinical studies testing the safety and efficacy of regenerative medicine. While there is no approved regenerative medicine for COVID-19 as of today, nor current alternative to remdesivir for most patients, the scientific progress continues. Visit again soon for more updates on vaccine candidates and other objective findings. You will find more useful content from subject matter experts on our cornerstone page.

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