Stem cell treatment enables Olympian Taylor Gold to snowboard again at a high level

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U.S. Snowboarding halfpipe coach Rick Bower knows the talent of Taylor Gold better than most people. He can confirm the commitment Taylor puts into the sport even when he is no on his snowboard.

“He is one of the most talented riders ever as far as snowboarding skills,” Bower said. “It was a year after Sochi when he got injured. The sport has advanced plenty since then, and he’s had minimal opportunity to step up to the level of tricks people are doing right now.”

Taylor went for a third surgery on his knee in January 2018.

Ken Gold, the father of Taylor Gold, had benefited from same-day stem cell treatments in Broomfield at the Regenexx clinic for a back injury and thought the treatment might help his son Taylor.

Taylor traveled to Grand Cayman for his stem cell therapy in spring of 2018, given the restrictions for athletes in the US. The procedure for his injury included a 10-day culturing process. The cells were grown outside of his body for 10 days in a lab, then frozen until approved by genetic testing for the procedure.

Taylor returned to training camp in fall of 2018, he rode the pipe with a strong, effortless finesse and no pain. He was emotional after this moment.

Taylor Gold received his highest World Cup placement this season in Laax, Switzerland, on Jan. 19, when he took 12th, after qualifying second on the previous day.

“You saw him go from injured Taylor to 2014 Olympic Taylor,” Coach Bower said. “When he does returns next year, I expect him to be better than ever.”

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