Johnson & Johnson’s Legal Challenges Mount

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100,000 plaintiffs are currently suing Johnson & Johnson concerning product safety and their marketing. Rather than settle and admit wrongdoing, J&J decided to fight these cases in court. The company is losing many cases in many places.

Juries and judges made the health-products company pay billions of dollars. This result comes from various trials including their most familiar products, the signature baby powder, certain medications, and medical devices. Moreover, these cases have proved that J&J aggravated/contribute to the opioid-addiction epidemic.


A Philadelphia jury granted $8 billion in punitive damages last week to an individual man. His use of Risperdal during his younger years led to abnormal breast enlargement. J&J repeated as a company that proper disclosure was made about the product’s risks and benefits. J&J will appeal the verdict.


J&J has appealed another verdict from Oklahoma where they should pay $572 million to the state for the opioid-addiction crisis.

Ovarian Cancer

A St. Louis jury ordered J&J to pay $4.7 billion to 22 women and their families for causing ovarian cancer. J&J insists the talcum powder is safe and doesn’t cause cancer.

The company has appealed this outcome.

More Plaintiffs

103,300 people are currently suing J&J. The amount of talc-lawsuit plaintiffs rose to 15,500 as of June 30, from 1,400 at the start of 2016. J&J’s also faces lawsuits from women who used their pelvic mesh devices for women. The number was 55,000 in 2017 and continues now at 24,800.

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