American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians Announced Today That Their Safety Panel Session is Open and Free to the Public

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The AASCP produced guidance regarding safety procedures for physicians practice medicine with biologics. AASCP President, Ms. Janet Marchbrody, will host a Safety Standards Panel session with The Alliance for Cell Therapy Now. It is not typical that this session be open to the public, however, that is the case for this panel.

AASCP Mission

Indeed, Alliance for Cell Therapy Now represents patients, health care providers, as well as the academic and scientific community. Their mission is the progress, production, and practice of safe and effective regenerative therapies through policy development, consensus, and advocacy.

AASCP Database

In fact, Alliance for Cell Therapy Now is gathering subject matter experts and stakeholders to create a strong advocacy to advance the science and the field. Besides, they also intend to promote scientific research, assure industry best practices, and launch a database with patient outcomes.


AASCP expressed their recommendations with respect to biologics. They will highlight key concepts and expectations regarding SVF, PRP, bone marrow, UCB, amniotic products, exosomes, xenografts, or peptides. In addition, they also suggest clear collaboration with the Chief Scientific Officer of any participating laboratory. 

Collaborating Laboratories

Moreover, AASCP recommends speaking with researchers or practitioners and not solely a sales agent from a given laboratory. Furthermore, it is not enough the opinion of an individual to determine the quality of medical products. Sales agents usually lack a medical or scientific background.


Dr. AJ Farshchian, speaking for AASCP was quoted:  “The American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians is a group of physicians, scientists and researchers who collectively represent the most authoritative non-federal group advocating for guidelines and education on stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. AASCP members are experts within all fields of stem cell therapy. These fields include SVF, BM, UCB, Exosomes, Peptides, Xenografts, Allografts and Amniotic Fluids. They are considered the most experienced leaders for proper advocacy in the field. The AASCP is involved directly with other authorities within the field and seeks only to bring knowledge and awareness for the ever growing regenerative medicine industry. My hope is that the Safety Panel discussion on Nov. 2, 2019, is to help get rid of the bad actors that are damaging the field for everyone.”

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