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Venturis Clinic offers the latest in alternative medicine. Patients who have tried various treatments with no success have seen their lives transformed into an amazing display of life. Being able to enjoy your family, work, and favorite activities is their goal.

Platelet rich plasma for stem cells is a non-surgical therapy involving a concentrated mixture of the patients own blood. The treatment is full of healing elements for all types of arthritis and soft tissue injuries. Prolozone Ligament Repair is an excellent regenerative treatment for all forms of musculoskeletal and joint pain including chronic neck and back pain. Helps patients avoid surgery! Spinal decompression therapy is an intermittent computerized traction that is over 85% effective for nonsurgical relief of back and neck pain conditions. Trigger point injections with sarapin provide relief for spasms, muscle pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, neck pain and more! They work great in conjunction with physical rehabilitation.

Moreover, Venturis offers chiropractic treatment in Oklahoma City including manipulations, physical rehabilitation, ultrasound, laser, TENS units, and additional nonoperative pain relief therapies. With locations in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, their doctors treat patients from a very broad surrounding area. Venturis provides platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), along with prolozone ligament repair administered by a Board Certified physician.

Indeed, by combining treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic manipulations, spinal decompression therapy and trigger point injections, Venturis is able to customize your treatment regimen that is specific to your body’s needs. Over 90% of patients suffering from joint pain, arthritis and many other types of conditions are able to avoid the need for potentially risky surgeries. Their Oklahoma Venturis pain relief centers provide the newest regenerative therapy treatments that are designed not only to provide relief, but to actually repair your injury. Let them help you feel, function and perform better now! To consult a pain relief professional or chiropractor in OKC, call their friendly staff or complete their convenient online form to set up an appointment today!


At Venturis Clinic in Oklahoma City, they offer acupuncture treatments to our OKC patients. With this ancient Chinese form of medicine, a practitioner places tiny needles just beneath the skins surface to stimulate points that restore qi, or the flow of inner life energy. With rebalanced energy, Oklahoma City patients experience reduced pain, improved concentration, weight loss, and more.

The practitioner spends time with each OKC patient before the first acupuncture session. By learning about the persons lifestyle, habits, stress, pain, emotions, health, and more, combined with checking the tongue coating and color, voice, and skin color, the practitioner determines the health of the 12 pathways through which vital energy flows to specific organs. That allows them to customize the acupuncture treatment based on each OKC patient’s needs. After one session, Oklahoma City patients report both emotional and physical healing. To rebalance inner energy and improve health, they offer anyone from Oklahoma City affordable and effective acupuncture.

At Venturis Clinic in OKC, they provide auto accident care to people in Oklahoma City who sustained injuries. While some issues surface immediately, others take weeks ” if not months ” to develop. As medical experts in Oklahoma City, they know what to look for and the questions to ask to ensure that every patient who visits the OKC clinic receives the best care possible.

Muscle pain is the most common complaint they hear from Oklahoma City patients. With innovative treatment options, they help reduce or eliminate pain. The Venturis Clinic in OKC is a leader when it comes to experienced, effective, and comprehensive care for people in auto accidents. In addition to aches and pains, Oklahoma City practitioners qualify to focus on a broad range of related issues. To determine the appropriate treatment, patients go through a thorough examination and medical history survey. Based on the findings, the treating practitioner customizes the right treatment for optimal results.

Furthermore, many people in Oklahoma City have a genuine desire to lose weight and achieve excellent fitness, however, they have no idea where to turn. At the Venturis Clinic in OKC, they have the perfect solution. For Oklahoma City residents, whether men or women and regardless of age, one of the practitioners will provide a free consultation. After listening to the patients concerns and goals, their expert customizes the right plan. As an example, the OKC clinic performs genetic testing. With that, they identify multiple markers that give them a better understanding as to how each patient responds to food and activity. They also offer our Oklahoma City patients acupuncture. By rebalancing inner energy, many people find it easier to lose weight and achieve fitness.

Besides, they focus on education at the OKC clinic, as well. By creating a diet and fitness plan specifically for each of our Oklahoma City patients, they find it easier to reach their goals. For people in Oklahoma City who are struggling to achieve fitness and maintain a healthy weight, Venturis Clinic has the perfect solution. The OKC clinic helps Oklahoma City patients look and feel their best through DNA testing for both fitness and weight management.

The goal of DNA testing is to help patients in Oklahoma City lose weight by identifying and evaluating specific genetic markers. From there, they customize solutions so that people in OKC lose weight and achieve fitness. Whether the patient is carbohydrate sensitive, lactose intolerant, or does not respond to exercise like most, they will devise the right treatment plan.

Because the DNA testing targets multiple genetic markers in OKC patients, they can fine tune a proper diet accordingly. With a personalized nutrition profile based on the body and genes of each Oklahoma City patient, they know what to eat and how to exercise to manage weight and achieve optimal fitness.

Medical research supports the claim that peoples bodies react uniquely to different foods and activities. With their findings, they guide Oklahoma City patients to dietary choices that promote weight loss and minimize the risk of disease. Stop yo-yo and starvation diets and allow Venturis Clinic in Oklahoma City to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

For people in Oklahoma City suffering from chronic pain, Venturis Clinic in OKC offers neural therapy. Unfortunately, there are few effective treatments for individuals who live with both acute and chronic pain. Whether due to poor circulation, inflammatory response, disease, or injury, neural therapy performed by one of their qualified OKC practitioners helps calm nerve cells by reducing how often and intense they fire impulses.

Oklahoma City patients receive an injection under local anesthetics that reduces or eliminates all types of musculoskeletal pain. The neural therapy that we perform at our Oklahoma City clinic also alleviates pain associated with menstrual irregularities, migraines, Keloid scars, and even Raynauds syndrome. Depending on the OKC patients health issue, we offer the appropriate type of neural therapy. Considering the positive results that Oklahoma City patients get with neural therapy, especially when dealing with complex pain, Venturis Clinic has become a trusted source for achieving much-needed relief.

Would you like to know what thousands of surveyed patients say about their experience of care with the doctors at Venturis Clinic?

“I liked the fact that the Venturis Clinic was honest with me and that they treated me with courtesy and respect in relation to my questions, concerns, etc. They did not talk “down” to me or dismiss me or my concerns in any way. KUDOS for Venturis Clinic.”

Venturis Clinic provides customized state-of-the-art treatments for a broad range of conditions in Oklahoma City. The providers work to establish the root cause of your issue, and then offer treatments to work on fixing the problem rather than just providing a proverbial band-aid. Call us today for the best pain relief options in Oklahoma!



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