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The Vanguard Clinic in St. Louis combine their diverse skills and knowledge to relieve patients of all ages of chronic health conditions, as well as advising them about ways to prevent future illnesses and injuries. Their integrative healthcare philosophy puts patients at the center of their medical care. This approach focuses on treating each person as a whole, rather than addressing just a few symptoms.

Furthermore, blending traditional medical practices with innovative therapies, the experienced Vanguard Clinic team treats a wide range of health issues, so patients get the most advanced, comprehensive care available. The dedicated staff includes an osteopathic physician who is board-certified in emergency medicine, and a chiropractor. Both doctors are passionate about relieving patients symptoms and providing permanent solutions to their health problems.

Patients seek treatment at The Vanguard Clinic for numerous health conditions, including back and neck pain, peripheral neuropathy, knee pain, sciatica, and weight loss, as well as advanced therapies such as stem cell treatments.

The Vanguard Clinic accepts most major insurances. Please call their office if you do not see your insurance listed and see how they can work with you.

Back pain is the leading cause of lost workdays, and it costs billions of dollars every year. A chiropractor can identify the root cause of pain and bring your body back into balance.

Perhaps you notice a slight tingling in your feet, or a patch of numbness develops in your hand. These unexplained sensations may be caused by peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Glickert was very thorough and took time to explain what was going on and what needed to be done to get me feeling better!”

“I felt better after the very first visit and after three short weeks, I am feeling fantastic. I highly recommend The Vanguard Clinic.”

“Dr. Glickert is a colleague of mine and I know how committed he is to helping his patients with his unrelenting pursuit of health knowledge and his compassion.”

“Dr. Michael continues to be an innovator in the world of holistic care. Whether its recovering with a musculoskeletal injury, or recovering from a chronic condition.”

“Dr. Glickert is very knowledgable when it comes to holistic care and finding the cause of the problem. He is an expert when it comes to chronic knee pain.”


The Vanguard Clinic

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