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Regenerative Cell Institute specializes in minimally invasive stem cell therapy for a variety of orthopedic and degenerative medical conditions including pain management, joint pain, spinal pain, auto-immune diseases, neurological conditions, aesthetics, and sexual wellness.

Regenerative medicine has revolutionized the way we practice medicine and with practices in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Mason City, Iowa, the Regenerative Cell Institute is leading the way! As one of the original innovators of regenerative medicine, Dr. Crispino Santos expertise in stem cell therapy procedures and stem cell extraction techniques allow them to perform the most precise, effective treatments. 

In addition, they deliver the most precisely targeted, highest concentration of stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) to achieve optimal results, using the most advanced stem cell extraction methods, proprietary concentration techniques, and fluoroscopic guided injection . 

Suffering from severe back, neck, or other joint pain? You may be able to avoid surgery with PRP therapy. PRP stimulates the natural healing and regeneration of tissues and this simple, safe procedure delivers lasting benefits for those suffering from joint pain, ligament damage, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, and/or non-healing wounds. High density activated platelet rich plasma combined with stem cells are rich in growth factors and regenerative cells essential for healing and regeneration. These growth factors have the regenerative capacity necessary to regulate and facilitate the natural healing process of injured tissues and joints. The stem cells also stimulate the release of patients own stem cells and other growth factors. Dr. Santos uses a variety of extraction techniques and customized treatment plans to address each patient’s medical condition and needs. Regenerative Cell Institute offers a variety of fat transfer procedures as part of their aesthetic rejuvenation services. Their fat transfer procedures include facial liposculpture, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and hand rejuvenation.

Moreover, Tickle Liposuction is an innovative, minimally invasive liposuction procedure that provides a safe, more comfortable alternative to traditional liposuction for meticulous body sculpting. It is less traumatic with high yield of adipose derived stem cells. Tickle Lipo is an innovative, minimally invasive cosmetic liposuction procedure that provides a safe, more comfortable alternative to traditional liposuction for meticulous body sculpting. Safe, easy & affordable! Facial rejuvenation stem cell treatments are minimally invasive, in office procedures that require little to no recovery and downtime. Since these procedures are non-surgical and use the patient’s own stem cells, there is no risk of adverse reaction or rejection with minimal pain and risk of infection.

Furthermore, they are leading the way in using regenerative cell treatments to improve the pathophysiological changes associated with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and decreased sexual performance in both men and women. If you or your partner suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or sexual dysfunction, stem cell therapy may be a viable treatment option.


Regenerative Cell Institute

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