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Stem cells are the cellular building blocks of the 220 cell types within the body. Uniquely, they are the only stem cell that can repair and regenerate damaged cells and tissues, including for conditions such as Parkinson’s, MS, Lupus and traumatic brain injury, among others. Stem cell therapy has advanced significantly and there is plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate that it can be used to treat various medical conditions without adverse effects.

Patient Testimonials

“It took about 1 hour and it was over. I stood up to walk and burst into tears because for the first time there was no pain. It was an emotional afternoon with such happiness.”

“Everyone who sees him comments on the improvements in his gait, posture, voice, facial features and how he is ‘looking like his old self.”

“With all of my medical symptoms I would wonder sometimes if I was just a chronic complainer or even as some described me, a hypochondriac. But now that there all gone I now know that they were real.”

All statements, opinions, and advice on this page is provided for educational information only. It is not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and care. Like all medical treatments and procedures, results may significantly vary and positive results may not always be achieved.


Stem Cell of America

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