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Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers is a leading research and treatment facility in Colorado and Arizona providing innovative and proven techniques and therapies using the natural healing power of the bodys stem cells.

Our team of board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors work with patients from around the world, using new and advanced technology to treat orthopedic injuries and bone and joint pain, as well as relieving symptoms and improving the lives of patients with a multitude of illnesses.

Stem cells are basic cells constantly produced by your body to heal injuries, build new skin, even grow your hair. However, your body wont refix a chronic injury or illness by continuing to attack it with new stem cells ” unless those cells are extracted and reintroduced into your body via stem cell therapies.

We are thrilled to announce our new facility located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This expansion builds on Premier Regeneratives ability to treat patients by harnessing the patients healing stem cells. With the expansion will come new amenities and various treatment options including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Vitamin IV Therapy. This beautiful location is in the Troon North valley. Just a putt away from Troon North Golf Club and less than an hour from Phoenix. We are truly excited to be apart of this community not just as a business, but as a contributor. If the Arizona location is most convenient please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Steven M. Siwek, M.D., has been President of Alliance Interventional at Alliance Healthcare Services, Inc. since April 2015 through The Pain Center (TPC) of Arizona” a leader in Arizonas diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain disorders with 12 locations statewide.

Dr. Siwek has focused the last 16 years of his career on creating and establishing programs that set national standards for quality coordinated care in pain management. His approach to preventing, treating and eliminating chronic pain is advancing the way in which interventional and pain management services are accessed and delivered nationwide. Dr. Siwek holds M.D. from the New York Medical College and completed his residency training at the Mayo Clinics in Rochester, Minneapolis, and Scottsdale, Arizona and fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He holds an M.B.A. from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University.

Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers of Arizona will be combining our research and experience in stem cell therapy with Dr. Siweks high level of chronic pain management. As our lead doctor in our Arizona location, together, we plan on setting a standard in regenerative treatments to help eliminate orthopedic pain and neurological conditions. Dr. Siweks willingness to provide the best point of care therapy for his patients matches Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers of Arizonas goals to foster an environment where research and compassion translate into individualized patient care.

We are a leading research and treatment facility providing innovative and proven techniques and therapies using the natural healing power of the bodys stem cells. Our services are performed by board certified pain specialists using newly advanced equipment and technology in the field. Not all stem cell treatments are alike. At Premier Regenerative, we extract your stem cells from your bone marrow because they are higher quality and result in better outcomes than stem cells from fat (adipose). We treat each patient with the utmost respect, and our concierge service makes you feel incredibly well cared for ” from the first phone call to follow-up visits.

They’re very personable, they’re very helpful..nice people. Bottom line is there’s no pain where there was a lot of pain before.

I used to dread doing simple things like putting on a coat, a seat belt or reaching for things. I can now do those things without nearly as much difficulty. I want to thank everyone at the clinic for performing the procedure on me. They are making peoples’ lives much more enjoyable.

“I am so thrilled to have had this procedure done and would do it again on another knee! It is truly a miracle.”

All of our biological procedures are performed on the same day with minimal manipulation of blood or bone marrow, and are therefore compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 1271, falling under the same surgery exemption in FDA rule in 1271.15 (b).


Premier Regenerative Stem Cell and Wellness Centers

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