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Stem Cell Centers of Lakeside offers an excellent alternative to traditional medicine. Carla Brook approaches medicine radically different than most physicians. Trained in a variety of specialties ranging from bio-identical hormone therapy to biotoxin illnesses to ozone therapy, she looks beyond her patient’s symptoms to understand and ultimately nourish the underlying imbalances that cause illness. Carla Brook has been in the medical field in some capacity for the past 25 years. Her career started in 2000 as an RN where she spent 10 years traveling across Montana working in the ER, OB, and ICU. Carla then graduated from Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in Hyden, Kentucky, becoming a nurse practitioner in 2007 practicing emergency medicine, family practice, and internal medicine. Because of the desire to improve health with more natural modalities, in 2012 she decided to make the transition into Integrative Medicine. Her integrative practice includes both pharmaceuticals (only when absolutely necessary) and natural, well-researched treatments to help her patients obtain the best health they can. In addition, she received her certification in mold/lyme/CIRS illness in 2014. Currently, Carla is pursuing a fellowship in Functional Medicine from George Washington University.

Do you have pain in your hip or knee joints or back pain that prevents you from living life the way you want to? Are basic but important parts of your life such as walking, gardening, fishing, cycling, or exercising, impossible to do without pain? A consultation with a regenerative medicine provider can determine if the latest innovations in stem cell therapies can help restore an active, vital, enjoyable lifestyle for you.

Stem cell therapy is a simple, non-surgical treatment. An injection is made into the affected joint and there is no down-time and no lengthy recovery. You will continue your normal lifestyle while the cells create an optimal environment in your joints to enable your body to repair itself. It only takes about 10 to 12 weeks for you to experience maximum results. At that time, you can increase your activity level to match how your body is feeling. And the regenerative process can even continue beyond that point.

Our body’s regenerative capabilities decline as we age. As a result, we are subject to a wide range of degenerative conditions: these can cause debilitating pain that undermine our enjoyment of the most basic aspects of life. A healthy baby’s umbilical cord contains the cells that could change this for you and promote cell renewal and healing by providing the proteins, stem cells, and growth factors you need.

Umbilical cord cells have components with the potential to affect the environment inside the joint that stimulates your own tissue and aids in the regenerative process. The growth factors, proteins, and stem cells will continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins for a period of time, and stimulate your NATIVE STEM CELLS at the same time to aid in regeneration.

Regenerative medicine is changing the way we think about medicine. Medicine has mostly been focused on using drugs to mask the pain. Umbilical Cell and Stem Cell therapy have changed the paradigm away from thinking about masking pain to fundamentally changing the environment in your joint. Stem cell therapy is directed towards creating a healthy environment in the joint while stimulating your body to help in the regenerative process.

Indeed, umbilical cord cells include stem cells, growth factors, and a range of other beneficial proteins, and compounds. This clinic uses blood from the umbilical cord which has been purified to get rid of any harmful substances that might cause rejection of the treatment by your body. They inject the treated cord blood into the affected area, where the various active compounds found in cord cells go to work immediately to begin inflammation reduction and the promotion of healthy cell division and renewal.


Stem Cell Centers of Lakeside

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