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Stem cell therapy is on the leading edge of medicine. And Stem Cell Centers of Colorado is on the leading edge of regenerative medicine, a new branch in the medical field. For those suffering with pain in the shoulders, ankles, wrists, or the spine, stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Centers of Colorado is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that offers relief to many.

Our stem cell therapy is not restricted to joint pain relief, though. Research shows that stem cell therapy can successfully treat many conditions.

Stem cell research that studies the effects of stem cell therapies on MS patients indicates that for many this treatment stabilizes the progression.

Stem cell therapy applies the cells that God placed in human bodies to build all of its parts and uses them to renew and regenerate cells that are diseased or need repair. Our process is non-surgical, non-invasive, and can be completed in our offices.

“My life has completely changed and I am so grateful. My story is similar to so many, surgery after surgery to fix sport related injuries but all this surgeries leave the joint with a lack of cartilage and then scare tissue builds. My last surgery was approximately 15 years ago, (5 total surgeries on my left knee). My orthopedic surgeon was pressing for me to consider a knee replacement years ago and for some reason I refused to believe that was my only option.”


Stem Cell Centers of Colorado

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