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Scadden David MD focuses on hematopoietic stem cells and their niche with the intent of developing new therapies for blood disorders and malignancies. Discover the largest hospital-based research program in the U.S. and how clinicians and scientists chart new terrain in biomedical research to treat and prevent human disease and bring the latest advances to patient care Dr. Scadden’s laboratory is focused on hematopoietic stem cell biology. 

Indeed, they are trying to solve three problems that limit the ability of stem cells to be used more effectively as therapy. The first is stem cell number. They are using a range of genetic and cell biologic approaches to understand the cell autonomous and extrinsic regulators of stem cell cycling and self-renewal. Specifically, their group uses both comparative genomics and shRNA forward screening to identify candidate mediators of the self-renewal program in hematopoietic stem cells. Second, they are studying stem cell localization as delivery of stem cells to specific sites is critical for their application clinically. They have identified novel mechanisms regulating the ability of the stem cell to engage its proper niche using genetic models and high resolution in vivo imaging. Third, they are deeply interested in viewing the stem cell through the microenvironment in which it resides.

Moreover, they have defined key elements of the stem cell niche in the bone marrow and how these features may be modified to improve stem cell number and function. They are now applying these to in vitro models adaptable to high throughput chemical and genetic analyses to further understand niche-stem cell interactions and how they might be modified therapeutically.

Research and Publications

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Scadden David MD

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