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The Center For Wellbeing has a dedicated group of specialists who can help you reduce and eliminate chronic pain. Through advanced therapies, including stem cell therapy, you can experience freedom from knee pain, arthritis and more debilitating pain conditions. Their skill and compassion combined with our state-of-the-art therapies offer your body the opportunity to heal itself. This clinic specializes in caring for clients with chronic pain, arthritis, ED, Peripheral Neuropathy and COPD using innovative regenerative therapies such as Stem Cell Therapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and Pressure Wave Therapy among others.  Their clients are not satisfied with only masking symptoms with medications. They want to find ways to activate their body’s own ability to heal.

All patients want to avoid the side effects of medications and surgery and have heard there is a better way. We could not agree more. Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, injuries, and inflammation. They are often searching for therapies such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), acupuncture, SYNVISC, Corticosteroids, or surgery. These have all been good therapies, however there are now even more advanced options and it is their mission to always be ahead of the curve. Given this clinic is not bound to insurance based managed care, they offer a fresh perspective and aim to bring the safest and best therapies to patients.

Indeed, patients visit the Center For Wellbeing and receive the most effective, safe, and advanced regenerative stem cell therapy available. Their unique mesenchymal stem cell therapy activates the body’s own self-healing mechanisms for cellular/tissue regeneration and repair. The key advantage for this type of stem cell therapy is that it does not require any surgery and the results have proven to far exceed the common surgery-based autologous procedures. Patients recover faster and there is less potential for complications.

Here is an example of a patient testimonial: ” I am so thrilled because I cancelled my knee replacement surgery after having the stem cell injections. I am 100 percent better than I was.”


Center for Wellbeing

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