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Dr. Morgan is a world-renowned expert on disorders of the shoulder and knee. He performed surgery on Major League Baseball pitchers to return them to play, and has also cared for Olympic-level athletes and players on the LPGA tour. Dr. Kalman’s career as an orthopaedic surgeon started on the playing field. He played football for four years at Gettysburg College and was introduced to the training room on more than one occasion for injury. That experience, therapy with subsequent procedures as well as operations has helped him become a better physician.

For the last 25 years the Delaware orthopedic surgeons at the Morgan Kalman Clinic have treated sports related injuries in athletes of all ages and abilities, including High School, Recreational, College, Olympic as well as elite Professional Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey Players (not to mention more than a few Professional Golfers).

Furthermore, the orthopedic specialists here are known nationally and internationally for educating orthopaedic surgeons on advanced arthroscopic and surgical procedures of the elbow, hip, knee and shoulder. They have given hundreds of presentations, written textbook chapters, published journal articles, and teach physicians in training at three hospital/university systems.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections using ultrasound guided techniques are used for treatment of tendon and joint injuries when possible to help speed up the recovery process.

Many of the regions professional, collegiate, high school and recreational athletes of all ages have been treated at the Morgan Kalman Clinic. If you are looking for the most experienced Delaware orthopedic surgeons, contact them today!

Many regional amateur and professional athletes have been treated by the Morgan Kalman Clinic. So have a number of your neighbors!

The Morgan Kalman Clinic offers many non-surgical solutions for your joint injuries and conditions, including PRP and stem cell therapies, injections, and more. Their orthopaedic surgery procedures are performed at a state-of-the-art Delaware surgical center as well as at a Delaware hospital for inpatient surgeries. This clinic provides regenerative therapies: PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Stem Cells (via bone marrow concentrate) to treat a variety of orthopedic/sports medicine conditions. Regenerative therapies offer an alternative to treatment of injuries and in some cases surgery. Some people have conditions that do not respond to standard treatment.

The Kinetic Chain is a term used by most sports medicine and exercise science professionals to describe a sequence or a chain of events that take place in order for an athlete to throw (Figure 1). For a pitcher, the sequence of events start from the push off of the rubber on the mound to the follow through where the pitcher rolls off of the mound.

“Dr. Kalman, The leg is as good as new! Now when I start winning some of the big European track meets, perhaps then I could earn a spot on your wall of autographs! Thanks for everything!”


Morgan Kalman Clinic

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