PreciseCare Regenerative Sports Medicine Clinic

4425 Jamboree Rd #120, Newport Beach, CA 92660



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Dr. Gaurav K Goswami, MD at PreciseCare, helps active people suffering from sports injuries, joint pain, arthritis, and other painful conditions find relief through regenerative, minimally invasive treatments so they can avoid open surgery, recover more quickly and get back to living a life they love.

Patient Testimonials

“I am super-excited about my mountain biking continuing, and am dreaming that I may sometime even be able to run a bit again.”

“He is patient and took his time explaining the process, my condition, and how results are achieved. I never felt he was rushing anything. He was the best at the procedure!”

“Everything about Dr. Goswami’s services impressed me. The front office, the care and the procedure that I had was both a professional and compassionate experience. I high recommend PreciseCare!”


PreciseCare Regenerative Sports Medicine Clinic

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