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Noel Peterson ND, DAAPM has practiced integrative regenerative medicine in Lake Oswego since 1978. He serves as the Medical Director of Oregon Regenerative Medicine at the Center for Traditional Medicine P.C., multi-discipline practices dedicated to empowering people to create optimal health and active longevity through education, inspiration, and natural therapy. He has provided Prolotherapy since 1989, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) since 2006, and Adult Stem Cell therapies since 2012. Dr. Peterson is Certified in Prolotherapy by the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine ( He serves on the scientific Institutional Review Board of the International Cellular Medicine Society (, representing physicians and researchers from over 35 countries who share a mission to provide scientifically credible and medically appropriate cell-based treatments to informed patients.

He is one of only three physicians certified in prolotherapy in the Pacific Northwest and the only physician certified in prolotherapy in Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington. He served as both faculty and board member for the Naturopathic Academy of Naturopathic Injection.

Dr. Peterson also participates on the international clinical faculty for AAOMs Certification program in Interventional and Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine (IROM) and teaches annual IROM courses and prolotherapy at the Peruvian National Institute for Rehabilitation in Lima, Peru, and with the Latin American Association of Orthopedic Medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2016 his clinic started the professions first CMNE approved integrative residency training program in Naturopathic Regenerative Orthopedics. His peer reviewed investigational work has been published in both the American Journal of Surgery and the Journal of Prolotherapy.

Dr. Peterson has been actively using adult stem cells (adipose derived stem cells) in his regenerative medicine practice since 2012, and has found this procedure to be remarkably effective in the treatment of advanced osteoarthritis of the hips, knees, ankles, hands and other joints. He trained with Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Robert Alexander in 2012, mastering the art of adipose derived stem cell therapy for orthopedic pain and regeneration. He completed accredited onsite training through the Bioheart Adipose Derived and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Harvesting and Isolation Training Course.

Dr. Peterson is respected by his peers and has served his patients and the public in many capacities. He understands first-hand the special challenges facing athletes of all ages. His interest in prolotherapy began when he developed serious life-threatening injuries that required more than orthopedic surgery to heal. After rehabilitation and prolotherapy treatments he has been able to resume all of his sports without pain or restriction. He trained in martial arts for 20 years and now calls the Columbia River Gorge and the Oregon coast his gym, where he enjoys kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Dr. Peterson’s passion in medicine is finding the source of his patients conditions. To accomplish this, he first listens to the patients story, learning the nuances of their physical and emotional condition. He openly thinks out loud, letting the client know what hes thinking, what tests are appropriate, and maps out a strategy to find the source and resolution of their condition. He utilizes all manner of physical and laboratory testing to discover the metabolic, nutritional, hormonal, and mechanical disorders of his patients.

Patient Testimonials

“After two years I still had a constant headache after I got a concussion by falling on my head. I was plagued by constant headaches that would not go away no matter what I did. I had x-rays, an MRI, and I tried all the drugs that several of my doctors prescribed to me. Nothing helped and I did not want to just live on drugs. I tried different massage therapist, acupuncture, a couple different chiropractors, and all sorts of natural medicines and exercises. My headache was quite severe. After over a year of constant neck and headache pain, I was finally referred to Dr. Peterson. The first PRP prolotherapy injections into my neck were painful, but in just three days I started feeling better. I had four treatments done by Dr. Peterson. Other than the painful treatment, I greatly enjoyed myself there, for all the people were so kind and tried their hardest to help. Now my headache is gone and all around the area of my neck that was treated feels amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson and PRP prolotherapy.Sincerely, Caitlin R. Koch”

“I am often cautious when I hear someone exclaim, “that treatment was amazing” or “what a miracle”, however, hear I am saying those same words after just a few treatments of prolotherapy from Dr. Peterson. I came in to get treatment for some old athletic injuries from a water skiing accident in 1994 and many various crashes alpine skiing, plus the usual aches and pains of being athletic. I had sustained quite a bit of trauma to my sacro-iliac joint 15 years prior to seeing Dr. Peterson in a water skiing accident and then many years of alpine skiing crashes on top of overuse injuries in weight lifting, running, cycling and mountaineering. I had pain and limitation in range of motion mainly in the sacro-iliac joint area, but with many areas to include shoulder joint, knee and along my sacrum and lumbar spine. After receiving just 2 treatments, I already had significant improvements in pain and motion, plus I was getting stronger. As I continued my treatments, it was as if the injuries no longer even existed and I had new supportive ligamentous support. Now, telling my story many years later, I feel I can actually say, “wow, that was a miracle treatment by Dr. Peterson.” I have competed in various CrossFit competitions, continued to cycle even harder, continue to excel in my strength, recovery from workouts and backpack and climb for days and days without pain or dysfunction.”

“Migraine Headaches, Hip Pain I am a 50 year old mother of two. Several years ago I started having terrible migraine headaches which would incapacitate me for days. I was taking Topamax to lessen the frequency and also AltMax for when I would get a migraine despite the Topamax. The longer I took Topamax, the less effective is was and I was starting to get more and more migraines. Dr. Peterson has treated me twice with Prolo Therapy for my migraines and the change has been remarkable. I no longer take the Topamax, which was costing me $200/month and in the past 6 months I’ve only had 2 migraines, which were greatly reduced in strength and I was able to handle them with Excedrin. The Prolo has also had the added benefit of lessening my neck aches and making my neck feel much stronger. Dr. Peterson had also treated my hip with Prolo. I sleep on my side and was finding it difficult to get a full nights sleep because my hip would start aching, feeling like it had slipped out of place. Chiropractic didn’t help, but with Prolo my hip became stronger and no longer slips out. I no longer have the constant ache in my hip and can now sleep on my side without pain. It is such a relief to know that as I age, I don’t have to just put up with the pain, but can in fact make my joints stronger.-Lorri Busse, Tehachepi, CA”

“HCG: What does this weight loss and change in diet mean for me?It’s like a rebirth. The weight was acquired so gradually, that it just snuck up on me, and I truly didn’t realize how desperately handicapped I had become. I fluffed off the limitations is just part of getting older. Well, now I am older and fat-free and feel as if I could live forever. Every move I make is a move of freedom. My mood is lighter as well, as light as my weight. The vague depression faded as I became physically lighter. I’m healthier because of the weight loss in every way my body functions. I look forward with joy to my future as a healthy, active, very happy, great-grandmother. I could not have accomplished any of this without the help of my good friend Dr. Noel Peterson. He’s been my doctor for over 12 years. His supporting and guidance kept me on the mark.Sincerely, -Herma Ray Baxter Portland, OR.”


Noel S. Peterson, ND

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