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Imagine Hair Clinic prides themselves in having one of the high quality hair clinics in the US. They deliver some of the most natural hair lines and natural results. To you, this is important because you want to receive the best looking hair restoration. You will find that our advanced techniques will maximize your results and confidence. Dr. Magdalin has been in top universities around the USA. He has conducted research in a top prestigious University. He has advanced hair restoration and has developed a procedure for high density transplant only available at imagine Hair Clinic.

Indeed, when hair is removed from the donor area, it is individually selected for quality and appearance. The technique leaves no linear scaring and is therefore considered invisible At Imagine Clinic, they employ superior extraction techniques giving you both superior growth and density. The extraction process is performed with the most critical portion of the procedure in skilled hands. The units are then transferred to the top of the head in the usual transplant method. The healing is easier and comfortable compared to the traditional method, they work with you to develop a hair restoration program that allows you to achieve your hair replacement goals on your own terms and in consideration of your time and budget. After scheduling your consultation and taking a step forward to your new hair, you can qualify for financing during your very first consultation. With their in-house financing, you can save the expenses of cosmetic credit plans and still stay within your budget. Experience the satisfaction of taking control.

Moreover, they are pleased to announce the success of Imagine Hair Clinic in Wellesley. Because of high demand for scarless surgery, also called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, now Dr Magdalin will be devoting his expertise to the new techniques developed only at Imagine Clinic. Learn more by calling our office for a complementary consultation.


Imagine Hair Clinic

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