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Dr. Raj provides the ultimate in state-of -the-art quality orthopedic care available and is using the latest surgical and nonsurgical technologies such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections, stem cell injections for tendonitis as well as arthritis, minimally invasive surgery, and more. As an orthopedic surgeon Beverly Hills trusts and respects, Dr. Raj believes that an important part of recovery starts before treatment, with educating the patient and their family members on all treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical.

Dr. Raj uses the most advanced techniques and technologies available, to reduce hospitalization and speed recovery and is considered among the top Los Angeles orthopedic surgeons. This includes cutting edge techniques for rotator cuff repair, ACL reconstruction, knee replacement, meniscal repair, fracture treatment and much more. The goal of the top Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon is to return you to full activity in the least amount of time possible.

Dr. Raj and his office provide a VIP, concierge personalized service for out of state and international patients to help you recover quicker. In addition, we have catered to many international patients encompassing VIP accommodations.

Patient Testimonials

“Starting with the staff all the way to the Dr. everything has been excellent, from A to Z. Including new patient intake. Scheduling appointments has been efficient and easy. The surgical process was made easy to navigate, and the Dr. seems to really care about his patients. My husband was walking 10 days after Surgery. He is AMAZING!!”

“Dr. Raj is great! The entire staff was fantastic. They were very professional at all times. My surgery was a success and no problems since. I would definitely recommend Dr. Raj to family and friends.”

“He is the greatest doctor, greatest person, and surgeon. Very professional and conscientious. I admire his personality, he is a kind man. He is just a super person. I have known him for a long time and he is the same pleasant person since then.”

I’m here to help answer your questions. Orthopedic matters can be complicated, allow me to help inform you of every aspect regarding your needs.


Dr. Raj - Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute | Stem Cell and PRP Los Angeles

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