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Stem cell therapy has advanced significantly and there is plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate that it can be used to treat various medical conditions without adverse effects. Personalized Regenerative Medicine is all about creating the best opportunities and programs for the body to heal itself. With the latest research and most innovative technology coupled with unparalleled experience in the regenerative health field, this office is not only equipped to provide the most customized experience, but are highly committed to your success.

The question of whether the brain damage from a stroke can be reversed is a big fat no according to conventional doctors. But this line of thought is just plain wrong. The damage caused by a stroke is reversible to a large degree. This doctor knows because he has turned stroke damage around in well over a thousand patients to-date. Moreover, stem cell therapy has been proven effective for autoimmune diseases and can be used to treat other medical conditions. Many clinical trials are ongoing to demonstrate safety and efficacy.

Patient Testimonials

“I have followed his research on stem cells and when I heard about Stemgevity, I had to have some. The prevention paid off big time when I was able to come back from severe altitude sickness without any problems. Without the Stemgevity already working in my body, I know the results could have been fatal. I am a healthy 81 years young thanks to Stemgevity. I plan to take it the rest of my life.”

“Successes? I do sleep very sound now. Need to wait on the other tests from the Doctor visit I have planned. Eye Dr. today said I may have Glaucoma being tested later this month for that. I have pressure on a nerve at the back of my eye which is making an indentation on the nerve. Could be high blood pressure or hypertension. If it corrects itself you are the 2nd person that will know.”

“Condition? I had a heart attack a year ago and also surgery on my back which has left me in so much pain in the morning I can barely walk.”

“I am continuing to get results: For 8 months I could not stress my left knee with squats or leg presses. The last 2 days (5 & 6th day on Stemgevity) I said what the hell, my knee feels so go good, I will give it a shot and do some one legged presses with my previously damaged knee (it has been 8 months and it just would not take that kind of stress).”

“So, for the last 2 days in a row I have been doing them with heavy weight. Unbelievable -completely pain-free during and after, and no soreness the next day. Just incredible. I have been taking every exotic natural product under the sun to heal it and the Stemgevity did it, made it happen. It is completely well ” playing racquet ball with full stress on it and no problems no soreness and no pain. My energy levels are way up and you feel kind of a glow. I can work long hard days at age 65 and at the end of the day, I still feel great. I might as well be 20. This is perfect as our business is intense (selling bank repo homes at high volume) and I simply have to keep up. Also, I had bad strep throat and a chronic knee and shoulder -and yes, the shoulder is now pain free and no longer tight after playing intense racquetball. Again, amazing.”

“I have had the most remarkable recovery from poor adrenal function which had plagued me for over a year after carbon monoxide poisoning had upset my system. I had used many supplements to help adrenal function but kept having relapses every time I tried to live a normal life again.”

“Within two weeks of starting Stemgevity I could live a normal life again and my energy level remained sustained in spite of a heavy load of work. I now wonder just how much more benefit I can expect and I shall certainly keep taking it for the moment.”

“I have had great results with the product. I noticed my gardener was having a lot of hip pain. He told me they want him to have hip replacement surgery. I got a bottle of Stemgevity for him and within a week his hip pain was over 50% better. Additionally, a shoulder problem he was having also has nearly gone away. This stuff is almost miraculous.”

“I am 64 years old and very impressed with Stemgevity after just 1 bottle. Almost immediately after starting on the product, I noticed that I recovered overnight from physical exercise that used to take 2 days. I have had hyperactive oil glands in my nose and cheeks for 40 years that dried up within 2 weeks, and bumps on my forehead that have been there for at least 25 years are rapidly going away. Incredible.”

“After breaking my foot, I was suffering from pain and frustrated by my foot not healing for 3 months. I was in a cast and on crutches for 2 months and the last month in a walking cast going to physical therapy 3 times a week. My foot was still not getting better, I was suffering from a great deal of pain and facing potential surgery. This would mean 3 additional months of being non-weight bearing and back in a cast and on crutches.”

“The thought of being on crutches for 3 more months freaked me out a bit, so I was searching for something that would help me heal my broken foot and reduce the pain. My husband put a bottle of Stemgevity on my night stand and told me to take 3 pills every night before I go to bed. I started on it right away, and within the first 3 days of taking Stemgevity I was walking on my foot without any pain and able to discontinue the physical therapy.”


David A. Steenblock, D.O., Inc.

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