Molar City, Mexico


Molar City is the nickname of a safe border town in Mexico called Los Algodones. This town bordering Arizona and California is known as a safe, prosperous town with 600 dentists providing quality dental care for Americans coming everyday. There are plenty of options for dental tourists from America who seek treatments such as implants, root canals, and many other services that their insurance would not cover. There are also many dental clinics where those individuals with dental insurance can get treatment that is covered by their insurance company. For people who do not live within driving distance to this town, the airport in Yuma, Arizona is the hub for domestic flights from other parts of the USA.

This prosperous town across the border from Arizona and California is best known for dental clinics. However, there are also various medical clinics that treat a range of conditions.  In addition to dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and other treatment areas, there are clinics that offer stem cell therapy for patients seeking new alternatives for their well-being.



<h1>Hospitals and Clinics in Molar City, Mexico</h1>
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