Stem cell research for arthritis is progressing. You likely know someone with arthritis. Joint pain, stiffness, fatigue, lack of sleep, and difficulty of movement are all symptoms that may affect a person diagnosed with arthritis. If untreated these symptoms can worsen with time. This condition increases in probability with age. There are other autoimmune conditions that are correlated to arthritis. These include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. Exercise is often the most effective practice that helps patients improve.
     There are more clinic studies that demonstrate the positive outcomes that patients can reach with the right treatment. Regenerative therapy is becoming a safe, effective treatment that does not put patients at risk. It is often called stem cell therapy. This treatment is still under revision for use in the US by the FDA.
     Stem cell therapy has shown, in many scientific cases on patients, how the treatment gives a solution to families struggling with this condition. The latest research demonstrates that patients with arthritis would be helped with great improvements using stem cell therapy. There are also ongoing clinical trials using this treatment on patients.
     You will find data here from testimonials of fellow patients and their positive outcomes. We invite you to see further details about this treatment from clinics that have already treated many patients and continue to show positive results.
Stem cell therapy has been practiced overseas for years and continues to bring positive outcomes to families dealing with arthritis. You will find on our website clinics that use this treatment and can better answer your questions regarding this procedure and how it impacts your health.
     Not only is stem cell therapy becoming a safe, effective treatment for patients with arthritis, it is much more affordable than the medications that are often prescribed to patients. Please watch this space as we continue to add scientific evidence.

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