Sports Injuries

Vitality Stem Cell Therapy is a next-generation therapy treatment that works with your body to treat the source of your condition and target the underlying injury. This all-natural therapy has been used by celebrities, professional athletes, and our special forces, with the goal to avoid surgery and get back to daily activities.

Vitality Stem Cell Therapy is used to successfully treat patients suffering from many injuries, arthritis, degenerative conditions and other ailments holding people from living a much more functional life.

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Acute and chronic sport related injuries respond very well to stem cell therapies. At Neo Matrix Medical / Vitality Health Care, we have successfully treated many athletes, including professional NFL players and world class swimmers. Benefits include: avoiding surgery or invasive procedures, drastically reducing recovery or downtime, avoiding unnecessary adverse reactions, preventing further injuries and re-injury, prolonging professional career, repairing damaged tissue and engineering new and stronger tissue.

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