The clinic that helps seniors find the right marijuana treatment

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The stigma and suspicions about marijuana use for therapeutic purposes have started to disappear, even among older people. In fact, cannabis legalization expands across the country. Hence, eleven states permit anyone over 21 to buy pot and another 22 allow medical use with a physician’s recommendation. Indeed, from 2006 to 2013, the percentage of seniors indicating cannabis use in the past year increased nationally to 3% from 0.4%, according to a study published in 2017 in the journal Addiction.

At the same time the rates among people aged 50 to 64 increased to 9% from 2.8%. Thus, seniors represent a large segment of new consumers that will consider and purchase cannabis as they retire. Indeed, BDS Analytics, a market research firm for the cannabis industry, identified that 18% of marijuana users nationwide are baby boomers. Moreover, 21% of boomers have taken cannabis in the past six months where it is legal for any purpose.

In addition, medical schools do not teach medical students on the potential benefits of cannabis. Many doctors tend to shy away from marijuana as an option for their patients. Besides, some doctors might lose federal research funding or the license to study and prescribe other controlled substances.

Indeed, there is a cottage industry of cannabis-friendly physicians, prepared to treat patients with a qualifying condition the recommendation to visit a pot store. At dispensaries, salespeople often provide guidance to sick people on what and how much to take, when this practice is only legal if the advisor is a doctor. Thus, businesses cannot indicate the medical soundness about weed’s benefits for this reason. Ultimately, the patient has little recourse to understand and make the right decision for his/her condition. NiaMedic seeks to fill this gap.

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