Texas Ranks Third For Number Of Stem Cell Clinics

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Austin is a hub for clinics promoting stem-cell therapy directly to consumers. In 2017 Texas was the state with 100 of the 716 clinics in the U.S. offering regenerative medicine and its benefits. Many clinics use mesenchymal stem cells for the therapy. Besides, it seems there is new evidence to illustrate, unfortunately, that there are some unqualified people administering them.

Indeed, Dr. Arnold Caplan gave the name mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) to these stem cells that are used for treatment. What is more, he also says they should now be renamed medicine signaling cells (MSC’s). Hence, they develop into specialized cells and signal to the immune system to optimize its efforts against disease and/or inflammation. Furthermore, stem-cell therapy takes advantage of that regenerative property to heal damaged tissues in the body.

In addition, research published last month in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that approximately half the clinics in Texas, California, and Florida were lacking an important factor. In fact, they didn’t appear to have a doctor with “formal training matching the conditions [they] claimed to treat.”

Moreover, Dr. Mihnea Dumitrescu, a practitioner at Precision Regenerative and Functional Medicine in Austin, mentioned he offers regenerative cell treatments at times as a component of a holistic solution. He also indicated he doesn’t believe clinics in Austin are intentionally misinterpreting regulations to face less FDA scrutiny. 

“I think the problem we have in Austin in general is that people who are probably not competent enough to practice regenerative medicine are all of a sudden stem cell experts because it sells,” he said.

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