Stem cell therapy gaining popularity

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Nan Scott decided to have a party for her 71st birthday. In addition, she also chose to get a new pair of knees. In fact, she selected stem cell injections rather than getting the knee replacement surgery.  “I don’t want to be taking drugs,” Scott says. “I don’t want to have a lot of contraptions in my body. I want my own body to repair itself.”

What is more, the treatment is not approved by the FDA as a substitute or option to hip and knee replacements. However, it is becoming more popular for various reasons. In fact,

Nan Scott visited Optimal Health in Turkey Creek, near Knoxville, Tennessee.  “Stem cells are the body’s master cells,” explains Dr. Charlotte MacDonald. “They are found in various tissues and they have the ability to take on the properties of other cells.”

MacDonald’s Knoxville, Tennessee clinic treated Nan Scott with the stem cell injections.

Besides, her clinic applies umbilical stem cells donated at hospitals from live C-section births.

You can also find a video interview of Nan Scott and her doctor at the link in this blog. You will see another patient in the same video commenting on his positive outcomes after stem cell treatment.

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