Selma Blair says her multiple sclerosis is in remission

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Selma Blair has expressed freely about her MS. She stated recently that her MS is in remission. Her post has surpassed 74,000 likes. Her fans and others asked how she arrived to her remission to know if stem cell therapy was a possible cause.

Blair had undergone hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) last year. It is an experimental therapy that is combined with chemotherapy to help an individual to reset his/her immune system.

Hematopoietic stem cells are blood cell-producing stem cells. HSCT uses these cells from a patient’s own body via his/her blood or bone marrow. Hence, these hematopoietic stem cells are reinjected into the body after minor manipulation by medical practitioners. At that point the cells restart the immune system. 

Furthermore, the immune system can reconstruct itself in three to six months. Besides, Blair mentioned this detail in her post last year saying: “immunocompromised for [the] next three months at least.” HSCT is a novel procedure. In fact the JAMA Neurology published in January 2019 the first randomized controlled clinical trial of HSCT for treatment of relapsing (MS).

The actress first announced her MS condition in August 2018. She has inspired many in her narrative regarding her health journey.

There are 4 types of MS: Clinically Isolated Syndrome, Relapsing-remitting MS, Secondary progressive MS and Primary progressive MS.

Remission can last weeks or months. Symptoms can include fatigue, difficulty walking emotional as well as cognitive shifts, numbness, eyesight difficulty, bladder and bowel problems, pain and itching, spasticity, sexual concerns and dizziness or vertigo.

It is too early to know the duration of her remission, potential recovery, or the primary cause of her improvement, it is evident that many people are hoping to see her get better.

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