Purdue Pharma will pay $270 million to Oklahoma

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Purdue Pharma has made an agreement with the state of Oklahoma. The company and it owners, the Sackler family, will pay $270 million to conclude the lawsuit filed by the attorney general of the state of Oklahoma. Consequently, the majority of this payment will be allocated for opioid addiction centers, which will include prevention and treatment.

Indeed, there are more than 1600 lawsuits that Purdue Pharma are facing from states, counties, and others because of their opioid OxyContin. Their opioid and others have brought great harm and caused the opioid epidemic.

Furthermore, several municipalities across the country might receive settlement payments rather than go to court following the outcome in Oklahoma.

Actually, a law professor at the University of Georgia was quoted saying: “It’s got to set off a feeding frenzy, there is blood in the water now. “

Besides, there is another big lawsuit that will be presented in federal court in Ohio that is a consolidation of hundreds of cases against Purdue Pharma.

Fortunately, Oklahoma has managed to protect this money for opioid prevention and addiction treatment said a researcher very familiar with the epidemic.  

Thus, there are various organizations that have refused to receive donations from the Sackler family in recent days and weeks.

Moreover, the Oklahoma Supreme Court said it would not consider an appeal of the judge’s decision for this case.

Finally, there are other drugmakers that face numerous trials for their role in this epidemic including Johnson and Johnson as well as Teva Pharmaceutical Ltd.

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