New Treatment cures woman of H.I.V.

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Doctors performed bone marrow transplants on 2 patients using cells from donors including a mutation that impedes H.I.V. infection. Scientists have seen this mutationin approximately 20,000 donors.

The bone marrow transplants replaced the entire immune system of the 2 previous patients, both men. They encountered painful side effects, as well as graft versus host disease. It is a condition where the donor’s cells harm the recipient’s body. Mr. Brown almost passed away following his transplant. Mr. Castillejo’s completed his treatment and lost nearly 70 pounds. He also lost some of his hearing loss and overcame multiple infections, according to his doctors.

The female patient, on the other hand, checked out of the hospital by day 17 after her transplant and no graft versus host disease occurred, said Dr. JingMei Hsu, the patient’s physician at Weill Cornell Medicine. The cord blood mixed with her relative’s cells helped her to avoid the brutal side effects of a typical bone marrow transplant, Dr. Hsu said.

We continue to see more advances in regenerative medicine as treatments. Please watch this space as the innovations move forward.

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