John Cleese uses stem cell therapy to stay younger

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John Cleese has been receiving stem cell treatment for years and he recognizes it helps him look younger than his age, 79.

“Stem cells are basically cells at such an early stage of development that they haven’t decided what sort of cells they’re going to become. So if they are introduced into your body, the body doesn’t recognize them as foreign objects so it doesn’t reject them, and they go around your body saying, ‘Do you need our services today?’ ‘The knee says ‘I need you over here’, and they go over and turn into knee cells and help to repair the damage.”

Indeed, stem cells are fundamental for life. These cells have the capacity to develop into different cell types, they repair damaged tissue.

“I’ve been doing that for some years and the astonishing thing is that you don’t hear much about it. I look younger than my age and it’s entirely down to stem cell therapy and not because I’m a wonderful person, which I am, but that doesn’t affect my looks.”

In addition, practitioners can extract adult stem cells from an individual’s bone marrow and then reinject them into the same patient.

Besides, stem cells are applied from bone marrow transplants to attack blood-based cancers and doctors treat sporting injuries with stem cells.

Moreover, practitioners injected stem cells into the knee of Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo in 2016. Actor Charlie Sheen acknowledged stem cells were used to repair an old shoulder injury.

Thus, stem cell therapy has become more popular in Hollywood as an anti-ageing technique. Finally, many celebrities use stem cell injections to appear younger.

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