Cyroport delivers for Celularity

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Celularity has agreed to use temperature controlled solutions of Cryoport. It will give logistics support to Celularity, a company that holds 2 of the most important patents in the field.  The treatment is already used for multiple myeloma and Acute myeloid leukemia ( AML ) in Phase 2 trials.

In addition, Celularity is moving forward with treatment for glioblastoma multiforme tumors in a Phase 1 trial. Cryoport uses temperature to prevent the cells from dying in a natural way. They achieve this effect by stopping or slowing the metabolic rate of the cells during their delivery.

Indeed, Cyroport uses a system with monitoring of temperature, applying packaging, mechanical, electrical, and material engineering. The monitoring system allows them to measure and know the conditions of the material during shipments.

Furthermore, they check variables such as barometric pressure, external temperature, internal temperature, as well as the orientation of the package.

Besides, Cryoport can know the performance of each courier, supplier, and integrator that they use worldwide. This company is a unique provider for cell therapy delivery and will help many clinics and their medical practitioners treat more people sooner.

What is more, it is a company like Cyroport that will allow Celularity to bring their therapeutical products to the public on the massive scale that people with medical conditions can overcome. Finally, a recent update from Celularity shows they are preparing for the mass market with the new headquarters that will open soon in New Jersey.

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