COVID-19 Long-Hauler Therapy develops

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According to the CDC, anyone with a mild case of this disease may recover within 2 weeks. However, if the individual still does not feel well beyond this time, it might be a sign that s/he is becoming a long-hauler. Many people have been sick with Covid-19 for months.

Potential therapies in development for long-haulers focus on lung fibrosis and respiratory issues. PureTech started a Phase II clinical trial in December to assess their treatment LYT-100. It is meant to help long-haulers and sequelae.

LYT-100 is an anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory therapy designed to treat fibrosis and inflammation.

Organicell awaits the FDA response to their IND application for their therapy Zofin. Their treatment is an acellular biologic therapy using cells from perinatal sources. It includes 300 growth factors, chemokines, and cytokines.

CytoDyn, a late-stage biotech has developed a therapy candidate, Vyrologix™ (leronlimab), a monoclonal antibody.

Leronlimab is a viral-entry inhibitor combating the CCR5 receptor. It shows potential to modulate the immune system to avoid cytokine storms in patients.

Bionano Genomics, located in San Diego, has created a genome mapping device that may identify variants that lead to cancers and other ailments. This approach may reveal the reason some patients become more ill than other patients.

Watch this space for more developments in therapeutics and innovative medicine.

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