Celularity prepares for their off-the-shelf stem cell therapy

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Celularity has a pipeline of off-the-shelf therapies in development. They use biological material from the placenta after live, healthy births for this preparation. Besides, their program CYNK-001 is ready to move into Phase 2 clinical trials for multiple myeloma and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) this year.

Moreover, Celularity has signed a lease for a 147,000 square-foot plant in Florham Park, New Jersey, which will open in 2020. Hence, it will become their headquarters and the center for research and advanced therapy development.

Furthermore, as they grow as a company and move into the new place, they will add positions across all functions and departments to meet their business goals. In addition, these will include new manufacturing, R&D and other key roles as they build out an advanced cell preparation and research facility for commercial-scale placental-derived allogeneic cell therapies.

Besides, the Celularity team brings enormous scientific knowledge and experience to this process that will enhance their studies into cell therapies. They will be developed faster, become more reliably, and eventually be more affordable.

What is more, they have created a program called IMPACT. It is a platform that uses the placenta as a source for stem cells. It combines biosourcing and cell manufacturing. The objective is to reduce the time and cost of bringing cell therapies to market.

Finally, Celularity has progressed more than any other company in the development of an off-the-shelf product that medical practitioners can deliver to patients on a vast scale. Given that the FDA has already approved stem cell therapy for arthritis, there are 30 million potential customers that can benefit from this product in the near future.  

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