Boy cured of cancer with stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy works! Indeed more evidence develops weekly, showing great results for people with various medical conditions.

Jenson Wright is now free from cancer after receiving stem cell tissue from a donated umbilical cord.

Jenson’s cancer struggle began when his mum saw a swelling on the side of his face in the rear-view mirror while driving. He was 4 in 2013 when first diagnosed.

After many rounds of chemotherapy his cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, became worse and it had spread to 70% of his body. Doctors requested two more rounds of chemotherapy, and unfortunately, it didn’t work as they had expected.

They decided to try the last remaining treatment for the boy using stem cells from a donor’s umbilical cord. Healthy donors complete screening and only after a live, healthy birth when mother and child are well, the umbilical cord can be stored for future use. Mesenchymal stem cell tissue from this umbilical cord stored in Texas was used for his stem cell therapy.

After Jenson finished the stem cell treatment in December 2016, doctors were surprised to find that he had responded to the treatment in just five days.

Doctors told Jenson and his family that he was cancer free 2 years after this stem cell therapy. As of this writing, the 9 year old boy is still cancer free and enjoying his childhood.

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