UAMS – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

4301 W Markham St, Little Rock, AR 72205



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The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is the home of the state’s only academic health sciences center. With clinics covering nearly every medical specialty, their research and educational programs inspire new knowledge that results in better diagnosis and more advanced patient care.

Dr. Lowry Barnes provides personalized care to patients with a wide variety of conditions and diseases of the hip and knee joints,applying the latest procedures and treatments.

The Jones Eye Institute is dedicated to providing excellent care using innovative and advanced treatment options based on the latest research and technology.

Furthermore, caring and compassionate experts provide personalized treatment for women of all ages, using yearly exams to the most technical specialized procedures.

Patient Testimonials

“People there were always wonderful and helpful, but now with all those smaller areas for treatment, it’s a very impressive place. I think anyone who goes there would be comfortable and that’s such an important part of treatment.”

“Thank you for saving my life, Without all of you, I’d be six feet under. Don’t think you’re never too young to have a stroke. You’re not. Keep working. You only have one life, live it.”

“I had no idea you could take chemo while you were pregnant. Dr. Henry-Tillman calmed our fears a lot on that first day.”


UAMS - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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