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The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine offers a multidisciplinary, integrative, and scientifically-based approach to medicine. Using this approach, they can uncover the “root cause” of illness, offering the vital support you need on the path to achieving and sustaining optimal health, as well as well-being. As a new patient at The Guyer Institute, you will be asked to complete an extensive questionnaire called The New Patient Booklet. As your physician, the goal is to maximize your internal biochemistry to help you live longer and more vibrantly.

Indeed, where conventional doctors fail, Dr. Guyer’s knowledge and extensive testing give you hope. Albeit conservative, Dr. Guyer gets to the root cause of medical issues. Being able to sit and talk with a doctor (and have them listen) for more than 10 minutes is refreshing in and of itself.

Patient Testimonials

“Without his expertise and medical guidance, I daresay I would not be able to work; let alone enjoy life. The office staff is warm and welcoming. In addition, the on-site supplement store is convenient and the medical personnel friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone who values their health, or just wants to feel their optimal best should see Dr. Guyer!”

“I’ve had chronic sinus infections, extreme fatigue, and achiness most of my life. My immune system was totally depleted, with constant antibiotic use. Dr. Guyer had a treatment plan which was getting to the root cause of my problem. For that, I am so grateful. The IV therapy and nutrition have helped me very much and I now have a feeling of well being.”

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Guyer and all of his staff. They are so kind and personable. I have also been impressed about learning new ways to treat old health issues. I have suffered with chronic shoulder pain since an injury in the early 90’s. With that, I’ve had 3 shoulder surgeries, numerous cortisone injections and physical therapy and never any lasting healing or relief. Because of this, I could hardly sleep comfortably or do any strengthening exercises without tremendous pain. Since I started receiving treatments from Dr Guyer such as PRP and neural therapy my painful symptoms have significantly decreased. Now, I am sleeping through the night and wake up without stiffness and pain. My shoulder moves in all directions and I can do normal everyday activities as if I never had multi-directional shoulder dysfunction. The best part is it seems the muscle is actually coming back! Very thankful!! “

“In the past 3 years, I had been plagued with a series of serious allergic reactions which seemed to come out of nowhere. As a result, I was working with one of the top allergists in the area who couldn’t figure it out and sent me to the top immunologist who literally threw his hands in the air because he couldn’t get to the root of my issue. Quite by chance, I found out about Dr. Guyer, and can honestly say that he and his staff have truly changed my life. Dr. Guyer was the first and only Doctor who looked at the big picture AND all the tiny details. He ordered blood work that no one else would and got to the root of the problems I was having. Then, he started a treatment plan for me that is all natural and I have seen amazing results. My serious reactions became fewer, and less serious over time. I was impressed about how I walked out of his office after my first visit with supplements to start me on the road to recovery right away, before any labs were even done. Every other Doctor I had been to would order labs and then it would be weeks before I would get another appointment to discuss the findings and “try” whatever drug they wanted to put me on. Dr. Guyer spent an great amount of time with me, going back years and years to look for a root cause. I remember sitting in his office thinking that I FINALLY found someone who could help me heal. Consequently, I have recommended Dr. Guyer and his staff to countless people. What no other Doctor was willing or able to do, Dr. Guyer did!”

“VERY glad my family found Dr. Guyer!!!!!! My husband is getting great supplements to help prevent health issues caused by genetic inheritance. My daughter has severe eczema and her skin looks better everyday due to the compounded cream specially made for her (this makes me love this place even more because they customize – one shoe DOES NOT fit all!!!).”

“My twin boys have thrived since birth on the wonderful supplements provided for ALL ages! For myself, I LOVE my anti-aging cream and supplements that help me keep up with my full time job and 3 children! Thanks Dr. Guyer and the staff who make this possible!!!!”

“My daughter has had great success taking Alleve8 and Type II collagen! She plays softball, and endures wear and tear on her knees as a catcher. Since beginning the supplements, her pain has decreased and she feels great! “

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my cool sculpting results-it has made such a difference in my appearance and the way my clothes fit. The cream that Dr. Guyer formulated that was sent home with me was great. I am constantly telling my friends how glad I am that I did CoolSculpting and what a difference it has made!! “

“The personal care, professionalism, attentiveness to our needs and marked improvement in our sons health cannot be overstated. Dr. Guyer and his staff are like no other in the medical field. We are overjoyed to be part of Dr. Guyers practice and trust our sons health and well-being completely to him. I found help at the Guyer Institute with unexpected expediency and efficiency. Here’s my story of how it happened. In 2012, I got my first teaching job. Soon after, I started getting sick on a very regular basis. Everyone kept telling me that it was completely normal for first year teachers, so I powered through it. By the end of the school year after having spent close to 90% of the year feeling “under the weather” or worse, I went to my family doctor and was diagnosed with Epstein Barr and CFS. He told me to take more vitamins, eat right and exercise, which he wasn’t entirely wrong about, he just wasn’t specific enough. So I made the suggested changes and felt fine most of the summer. When September of my second year of teaching began, I began feeling the same old feelings of physical fatigue, achy muscles, low energy, unsettled stomach, and off and on fever. I knew I didn’t want to power through another whole year like the previous year, so I started researching my options. I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about alternative medicine and its effectiveness, especially considering the financial investment. AND, I was nervous that I would get on some program where I’d be heavily dependent upon my doctor for many years. But in November of 2014, I chose to try The Guyer Institute and am so glad that I did. Dr. Guyer explains his methods, lays out an aggressive plan of action from day one, and gives honest and accurate predictions for his patient’s health. I’m happy to say that within only a few short months, I started noticing distinct health improvement. By the 2015/2016 school year, I barely missed a day of school and daily felt back to my typical energy levels. He hasn’t hesitated at all to start weening me off the program saying “making you feel better is my main concern and as long as you are feeling better, I see no reason why not to start lessening your medication” and “I switched from general practice to what I do now because I want to see people get better and no longer need my services.” It definitely has been a financial commitment, but it’s one that I would make again any day. Here I am in the summer of 2016 and I’m so thankful that with minimal supplements, I am able to go back to my life before my diagnosis. Mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, diminished sex drive: the symptoms of hormone imbalance are as diverse as our own biochemistry.”

Whether its relief from chronic pain or a desire to regain a youthful energy and vitality, body healing treatments at The Guyer Institute Supplement Store allows our patients to purchase quality supplements and refill prescriptions at the touch of a button.


The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine

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