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Texas Oncology Stem Cell Center is dedicated to creating more cancer survivors by bringing advanced, latest-generation proton therapy to North Texas. Support of family and friends is vital to healing. Their community-based approach enables patients to stay connected throughout treatment and recovery. Texas Oncology has more than 175 treatment centers throughout Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. Texas Oncology is a group with more than 420 physicians focused on treating cancer and blood disorders.

Indeed, for more than 30 years Texas Oncology has provided treatment and hope to people throughout the state. As a pioneer of community-based cancer treatment, they have a presence in just about every corner of Texas including yours. With more than 175 sites of service and 420 physicians across the state, they can help you in the fight of your life.

Texas Oncology expands its offering of convenient, high quality, and innovative care with the opening of its newest comprehensive cancer center in Fort Worth’s medical district.

Texas Oncology understands that survivorship is so much more than just fighting the disease of cancer. Survivorship means addressing the physical, emotional, financial and spiritual issues related to wellness both during and after cancer treatment. Their physicians will be supporting you during every step of your journey.

Sometimes unexpected events force us to evacuate our homes. As a cancer patient, being prepared means more than safeguarding your home. The Emergency Preparedness form and other helpful tips can assist you in preparing for an unexpected emergency. In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Heather King of Texas Breast Specialists,Austin visited KTBC-TVs Good Day Austin to discuss breast cancer reconstruction, including the different options available, pros and cons and what patients should know when making this personal decision.

While millions of people are breast cancer survivors, it remains the most common cancer affecting women. Regardless of the high survival rate of breast cancer, Dr. Nurul Wahid, medical oncologist with Texas Oncology, often hears misconceptions or myths about the disease from patients. In this penned byline, he addresses the facts and dispels common myths surrounding breast cancer.

Patient Stories

Gayle Patel, director of the genetic risk evaluation and testing program with Texas Oncology, discusses recent advances in genetic cancer testing. She will speak to these advances, BRCA gene mutations, and how to manage and prevent hereditary cancers at a local event aimed at community members of Eastern European Jewish decent.

Karen Thomas, known to friends and family as K.T., has always been serious about preventive health care and has maintained her routine mammogram schedule for nearly 50 years. After an annual exam in 2018, she was diagnosed with stage I breast cancer and received care by Dr. Michelle Ashworth of Texas Oncology”Round Rock. An avid cyclist and power walker, K.T. powered through her cancer journey by maintaining her active lifestyle.

At age 18, Sierra Galvez was diagnosed with a breast angiosarcoma, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Throughout intensive treatment, Sierra continued her studies and is now working with an audio-visual program for patients at a local children’s hospital.


Texas Oncology Stem Cell Center

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