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Stem Cell Professionals will let you know if stem cell therapy is your best option. If not, they will help you determine some possible alternatives. This team of honest professionals are Board Certified.

Not sure if stem cell therapy is right for you? Stem cell therapy is not for everyone. However, you finally have the ability to potentially reduce your knee pain with an outpatient procedure. Compare that to months of recovery with a knee replacement. Stem cell therapy is a simple injection into the affected area. There is no surgery and almost zero pain at all. Compare that to other forms of treatment. Studies indicate that amniotic stem cells are the most effective type of stem cells at repairing degenerative damage in synovial joints and tendons. With tens of thousands of stem cell procedures taking place every year you can rest assured knowing that there have been zero adverse side effects on any patients. 

Indeed, knee pain, often caused by sports injuries, is incredibly common. If your knee pain is getting worse learn how you can stay out of surgery with Stem Cell Therapy. The hip joint is the largest joint in the human body but this joint isn’t indestructible. Over time and overuse, joint pain can occur.

Moreover, Shoulder pain is typically a result from previous injury to the shoulder joint or tendons. Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common types of heel pain. The pain you experience during plantar fasciitis is actually inflammation in a ligament in your foot. This inflammation is commonly treated with stem cell therapy. The lower back is a problematic area for many older adults. This part of the body is a very complex and interconnected network of muscles, discs, nerves and bones that can cause a number of problems that range from arthritis to muscle spasms. Elbow joints are much less prone to wear and tear as other joints but pain is typically a result from years of repetitive motion. 

Furthermore, wrist pain is a common complaint. Its typically caused by sudden impacts and repetitive stress. Like other joints injury and overuse are the typical causes of ankle pain. However, gout and joint space are among other causes.  Your neck or cervical spine is another problem area for many people. Like the lower back the neck is made up of discs, bones, muscles and ligaments which can cause people to experience many painful symptoms.


Stem Cell Professionals

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