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Stem Cell Medical uses stem cell therapy for joint injuries where it has been proven in most cases to eliminate the need for invasive reconstructive surgery, pain medications, and improve function for people with joint and cartilage injuries. The human body naturally contains millions of adult stem cells which are found in our fat, bones and other tissues. Adult stem cells can be harvested either from the patients, fat or bone marrow through a quick and relatively pain free procedure. The stem cells are collected and injected within 30-60 minutes of the harvest into the site of the injury. The process of harvesting fat stem cells and bone stem cells are both FDA approved. Adult stem cells are highly regenerative and have the ability to restore and repair injured tissue and joints therefore eliminating the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Indeed, there is no need to suffer needlessly, undergo invasive surgery, and take long term pain medications and non steroidal medications if you are a candidate for the autologous stem cell treatment. Dr. Bissoon, who has employed Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for both cosmetic and regenerative medicine for over ten years, is now incorporating adult stem cell therapy as part of our Regenerative and Restorative medicine program. 

Finally, it is legal to administer the stem cells from fat and bone on the day of harvest. Plastic and Orthopedic surgeons have been using fat and bone marrow injections for decades. In summary, if stem cells are to be harvested from a person for medical purposes, they must be replanted in that person the same day without any cultivation or expansion.


Stem Cell Medical

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