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SC Stem Cell is a stem cell and wellness provider for the Carolinas, using the latest therapies to regenerate damaged and degenerated tissue with some of the best physicians in the state. SC Stem Cell provides Stem Cell Therapy and Wellness care at Forest Acres Well Care, located at 5101 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC.

Their product consists of placental stem cells that are all planned, donated, and accounted for so they are traceable back to each individual, healthy donor. The placenta has a much higher concentration of stem cells as well as collagen, growth/healing factors. This product is one of the only FDA registered and regulated stem cell products out there and with its patented preservation process it ensures you’re getting the most viable quality product possible. 

Indeed, the staff here practices what we preach. That is why their physicians and staff have all had stem cell therapy for their ailments prior to working with us, so that they know and can attest to the miracle benefits of stem cell therapy. Co-founder Dr. Darin Faller D.C. was presented the opportunity to use Stem Cell Therapy for his degenerated knees after years of damage resulting from sports related injury, degeneration, and several surgical procedures. The results were astounding. He decided to dedicate his life to providing Stem Cell Therapy and general wellness to everyone he could reach. Before starting this venture , he insisted that co-founder, Patrick Sumerell, use Stem Cell Therapy himself. They used Stem Cells injections for his areas of degeneration from sports related injury, and areas of general overuse. His results were equally incredible. These restorative results solidified their common goal. To find a way to provide this fountain of youth, minimally invasive, miracle treatment, together. Passion and dedication to health and wellness is what started SC Stem Cell and Wellness.

Furthermore, they truly care about patients and giving them an alternative option to pain, disability, and degeneration outside of invasive surgeries and medications that only mask the problem. Get in touch with them to set up a consultation. Backed by BioRenew PTM Therapy they are providing the best possible viable stem cells as a regenerative therapy for patients needs. Whether that be shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, etc. their physicians will consult with each patient personally to tailor a treatment plan that best suits the individual.

Besides, physicians will be monitoring and advising care before and after treatment. That includes nutritional/dietary advisement, functional assessments, etc. The Co-founding physician started as a chiropractor. Knowing how joint tissue and joint health works, and seeing patient after patient with degeneration, he found that to maintain joint health, proper alignment, and motion of the joint was absolutely necessary for joint and overall health.

SC Stem Cell promises to always put the patient first. If stem cell therapy may not be the answer for you, they will be the first to let you know. Their goal is to provide better quality of life overall. Their physicians are board certified and licensed to perform physiotherapy on patients to better optimize their treatment plans, and increase their rate of healing. This allows activation of the muscles and neurons to better keep the healing process going as well as maintaining health. The physicians give quality non-invasive care for maximum results before and after stem cell treatment. The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. 

You may book an appointment via us or email and call them to make an appointment. Please do not include confidential or sensitive information in your message. 


SC Stem Cell

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